SAMMY! 50+ Years of Winning



Sammy Swindell, is among the most successful and most interesting drivers in the history of American automobile racing. From his start as a teenager at local tracks until an age at which most athletes are no longer willing or able to compete successfully, Sammy has been a winner. You may be surprised to learn how well Sammy did in the few Indy Car drives he had. You'll also find out how he feels about his time in NASCAR and how close he came to driving for Dale Earnhardt. Also obvious is the importance of the mechanical edge he gained by working on and living with the cars he has raced.
A big part of Sammy's secret is no secret at all: He'll beat a competitor because, in his words, "I'll work harder." This is the story of how a man conquered his world.
Stories from Sammy Swindell's amazing 50+ year auto racing career
 Written by: Sammy Swindell with Bones Bourcier and Bob Mays
 Foreword by Dr. Dick Berggren
 352 pages

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