Heroes of Short Track Racing Game - Sprint Car Set



All the excitement of short track racing right on your table top. You can be the promoter, commentator, or flagman for some of the greatest drivers in short track racing history, as well as, some that may be. Heroes of Short Track Racing makes you feel like you are watching these great drivers battle right in front of your eyes. Grab a set of cards, the dice and start racing! 
1 - Green Pawn
1 - Red Pawn
1 - Green Die
2 - Black Dice
Steps for each lap: 
1. Roll green "Action" die
2. Starting with the leading driver, check to see if each driver has the "Action" number. 
3. If a driver has the "Action" number, roll the two black dice. 
4. Look at movement range chart and take the according action. 
5. If a driver can attempt to pass the car in front of him, he rolls the black die and adds his "Passing" rating. If it is higher than the "Defending" rating of the driver he is attempting to  pass, the pass is successful. 
6. Don't forget to make adjustments based on any of the following optional rules you choose to use like Commentator chart, Flagman chart, More Position Changes In The Heat Races, Lapped Cars, Home Track Advantage, Choosing To Charge Or Backoff, Track Conditions, Good Days And Bad Days, Rubbing Is Racing. 
As with anything in Heroes of Short Track Racing, you can decide to use, not use, or modify any of these rules, it's YOUR racing organization, do whatever makes it more fun for you. 
Drivers include: Steve Butler, Bob Kinser, Jan Opperman, Danny Smith, Craig Dollanksy, Shane Carson, Jimmy Sills, Bud Kaeding, Brad Doty, Brady Bacon, Rocky Hodges, Tom Bigelow, Ted Horn, Johnnie Parsons Sr., Kenny Jacobs, Van May, Chad Kemenah, J.J. Hickle, Terry McCarl, Tanner Homes, Tim Kaeding and Lance Dewease. 

Heroes of Short Track Racing: Because everybody is somebody's Hero. 

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