Indy Cars of the 1950s



by Karl Ludvigsen, Ludvigsen Library Series. Soft cover, 125 pages, 120 pictures. Step into Gasoline Alley during one of the most evocative and exciting eras in the history of the great Speedway - before those pesky rear-engined bugs took over. From his own photos of the 1956 Indy 500 and 1958 Monza 500, as well as other material in his collection, Karl Ludvigsen presents a panorama of the fabulous Indy racing cars of the 1950s. These were the years of the Kurtis Roadsters, the lay-downs, the first Watsons, the formidable Novis, the V-12 Ferrari, the Bardahl-Ferrari, the Blue Crowns and the invincible Offys. Stunningly sharp photography shows the cars, their engines and their designs in amazing detail. Action shots, Chassis & Engines, and Drivers with their Cars.

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Indy Cars of the 1950s
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