Decades of Daring



by Bill Hill, hard cover, Midget Racing In The Rocky Mountains. this book measures 10.75" x 8.75" and contains 384 glossy pages and includes 490 black & white vintage photos, 72 racer biographies. Relish tales of midget racing clubs that roamed the Rockies including the RMMRA, CARC, CMRA, AAA and USAC. Encounter one of racing's best kept secrets, the highly competitive Utah midget circuit. Revisit Lakeside Speedway with stopovers at Englewood and Merchants Park, as well. Sojourn to the tracks in Grand Junction, Colorado Sprints, Pueblo, and many more. Meet the speedsters who ravaged the Rockies during the daring decades of the 1930s through the mid-1970s. This and the companion volume, One Tough Circuit, are collectors' items. Index contains 1140 names including Lee Elkins, Allan Brown, Jim Chini, Keith Andrews, Roy Bowe, George Brewer, Ade Butler, Harry Conklin, Eddie Jackson, Earl Kouba, Jan Opperman, Ruby Lloyd, Al Unser, and many more.

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Decades of Daring
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