Valley County Thunder



By V. Ray Valasek and Bob Mays, hard cover, more than 193 pages. The History of Racing At Ord, Nebraska. They were the highest "hills" in the state of Nebraska and men came from across the country to marvel at them-and try to defeat them. They came, seeking fame and fortune. Some found it, some took their last ride in search of it. This book will take you back to the beginning, when men like Johnny Gerber shaped dirt track racing into what it is today. You'll read about men like Lloyd Axel, Joie Chitwood, Bobby Grim and Deb Snyder and how they conquered the hill of the Valley County. You'll see men like Lloyd Rubby, Bobby Parker and "Joltin Jud" Larsen as they do battle in the little buzzbombs at the Valley County Fair. More than 170 black and white photos.

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