Circle of Impact



Author Lynn McCoy has brought the life story of her open wheel racer/artist husband Bob McCoy to life in a brilliant new coffee table book titled “Circle of Impact – The True Life Events of a Brave Action Figure." McCoy, has lived more lives than most can even dream. A hot-rodder out of the San Diego area in the 1950s, McCoy had an accomplished career as an open wheel sprint car and midget racer, rodeo cowboy, body guard, big cat trainer and land speed racer. McCoy’s on track exploits were so outlandish and audacious; he’s one of only a handful of racers who can lay claim to being banned for life by USAC while beating up on Mario Andretti and AJ Foyt at the same time. The new book is 346 pages, published by Curt Boyer and includes a forward by Parnelli Jones. The beautifully designed table-top book is filled with color pictures that alone are worth twice the cover price.

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