Competition Portraits, The Dirt Champion Cars



by Bob Mays  
Hardcover, 231 pages Black and white photographs. 

No form of American auto racing has a longer or more prestigious history than the dirt champ car.  No form of racing photography has a longer or more respected history than the posed photograph.  This book follows the history of the big car from 1946 to 1987. featuring some o fthe most recongizable stars and cars from the greatest era in racing.  The good, the bad:  the winners, the losers:  the champions and their chariots, are featured in the moments before the call to fire engines.  Many of the best shots from the top photographers in the history of the sport are presented in a format that leands itself so the study of the man and a critical analysis of the machine just before teh battle on some of the most impressive speedromes ever carved into the earth.  

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Competition Portraits, The Dirt Champion Cars
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