The Greatest Auto Race on Earth - New York to Paris - 1908



This documentary film was one of our feature films at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in the 2013 International Reel Wheel Film Festival April 5-6-7. February 12, 1908, Times Square. Eighteen men - aristocrats, sportsmen, mechanics, and adventurers stood alongside six cars awaiting the start of the greatest adventure of the Twentieth Century. With three hundred police holding back 250,000 spectators, a gold plated piston started the race at 11:14 a.m. History was about to be made. This was a car race around the world the hard way: from New York City across the American continent, Japan, Siberia, Mother Russia, Germany, and on in to Paris. It had never been done before and has not been tried since. One hundred and sixty nine days from New York to Paris. Twenty two thousand miles. Just three cars made it to the finish line - Ther German Protos, the American Thomas Flyer, and the Italian Zust.

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The Greatest Auto Race on Earth -  New York to Paris - 1908
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