Auto Racing Comes of Age



The first quarter of the 20th century; was a time of dramatic change in auto racing, marked by the move from the horseless carriage to the supercharged Grand Prix racer, from the gentleman driver to the well-publicized professional, and from the dust road course to the autodrome. This history of the evolution of European and American auto racing from 1900 to 1925 examines transatlantic influences, early dirt track racing, and the birth of the twin-cam engine and the straight-eight. It also explores the origins of the Bennett & Vanderbilt races, the early career of Barney Oldfield, the rise of the speedway specials from Marmon, Mercerm Sturtz & Dusenberg, and developments from Peugeot, Delage, Ballot, Fiat, & Bugatti. This informative work provides welcome insight into a defining period in motorsports. 300 pages, 139 b/w illustrations, hardcover.

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