Midgets & Sprints (DVD)



Representing the midgets are two fine clubs: ARDC and SMRC. Also featured are the powerful sprint cars from the URC and Williams Grove KARS circuits. Action takes place at Flemington, Harrington, Raleigh, Hamburg, York, Bloomsburg, Huntington, Lehighton, Bedford, Selinsgrove, Nazareth and many more. See Earl Halaquist, Sal Mochella, Red Reigel, Leroy Felty, Tommy Dickson, Jan Opperman, Kenny Weld, Ray Tilley, Bobby Allen, Gus Linder, Steve Smith Sr., Harry Benjamin, Johnny Hubbard, Tom Price and many more take the checkered flag. Covers early '60's & '80's. 1 hr.

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Midgets & Sprints (DVD)
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