Board Track - Guts, Gold & Glory (Book) Deluxe



LIMITED quantities of Board Track - Guts, Gold & Glory by Dick Wallen, hard cover, 420 pages, over 500 pictures. This book was written to preserve that short, wonderful 1910 to 1931 life of the wooden ovals, the Board Track. Subject Index includes Louis Chevrolet, Fred Comer, Ralph DePalma, Peter DePaolo, Duesenberg, Harry Hartz, Eddie Hearne, Dave Lewis, Frank Lockhart, Harry Miller, Tommy Milton, Ralph Mulford, Jimmy Murphy, Barney Oldfield, Dario Resta, Eddie Rickenbacker, Fred Wagner, and many others. Tracks include Playa Del Rey, Oakland, Chicago, Tacoma, Omaha, Des Moines, Sheepshead Bay, Cincinnati, Uniontown, Beverly Hills, Fresno, Cotati, San Carlos, Kansas City, Altoona, Charlotte, Culver City, Laurel, Rockingham, Fulford, Atlantic City, Akron, Bridgeville, and Woodbridge.

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