Clown Prince Eddie Sachs - Hardcover



by Denny Miller, The Life and Times of the World's Greatest Race Driver ...Eddie Sachs. Hardcover, 613 pages, 150 pictures, a thoroughly researched biography of the "self-proclaimed" World's Greatest Race Car Driver. In the books introduction, the author states that just like there will never be another Bob Hope or John Wayne or Billy Graham, there will never be another Eddie Sachs. No race driver, past or present, can match the flamboyancy, zeal and zaniness of the Clown Prince of Racing. Sachs was also a great orator who could hold audiences spellbound. He would have his audiences pleading for more racing stories. The story of Eddie Sachs can serve as an inspiration to all youth. When Eddie began his racing career, he was one of the worst drivers to ever compete. However, by sure determination and persistence, he would go on to become a member of the Indy 500 Hall of Fame! Many times Eddie would state, "If you can't win, be spectacular!"

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