Go! The Bettenhausen Story



Used, Good condition, Limited qualities. The true story may be simply stated: Two generations of a family sacrifice life…and limb in the pursuit of a dream. The dream is pursued by a special breed of men who find a satisfaction known only to them, and unable to be shared by those who have never experienced it. You will live “Go! The Bettenhausen Story” in a way that you’ve lived no other story, unless you are one of those rare individuals who has also lived the dream. The dream brings anguish and fascination that captivates those it touches. It can burn or rip the limbs from a man. Or it can kill him. It can bring fleeting satisfaction before it is pursued again. It is addictive to the point called a lethal hope, whose effects pass through generations. The dream is a win in the Indianapolis 500 Mile automobile race. The family is the racing Bettenhausen’s who have followed the dream for over 40 years, never attaining it. Through their story you will live a different American life. You will travel from one end of the nation to the other and you will see the magnetism that always draws them back to a 500 acre plot of ground in Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500. This book has been written for the individual who has never been to an automobile race, or one who has no knowledge of the sport whatsoever.

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