Racers In The Sun - The Story of Florida's Sprint Car Legends



I was intially motivated to write this book after attending the first Golden Gate Speedway Reunion in Tampa, Florida, on October 13th, 2013. I had the desire to be an author for many years, and after the reunion, I had an idea for a book. It would be a collective biography, and it would present a tableau of the lives of Florida's sprint car racing legends. I'd try to convey vividly and accurately the important and poignant moments in their lives, those experiences that may be described as career-changing and life-changing. Golden Gate Speedway was an important part of telling that story. The names seen listed in the chapter titles are not entirely of the legends of Florida sprint car racing. The subjects were chosen based on several factors: their status, fame, career achievements, or inclusion on the on the All-Time Florida Sprint Car Win List. I attempted to contact and interview those whose names appeared at or near the top of the list, or in the case of those who were not living, their families or closest living relative. Those who had compiled the greatest number of wins are included in the book series, due to their level of achievement. Others were included due to their place in Florida sprint car racing history and my belief that their life stories would make for enjoyable reading.  

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