The High Banks! Belleville's Amazing Track and the Men Who Tried To Tame Her.



by Beryl Ward, L.A. Ward and Bob Mays
The High Banks!, chronicles the first 87 years of Belleville’s racing history, from the first race in 1910 through 1997.  Beginning on a flat horse track, Belleville’s first auto racing star was Harry White and from there the story is told how this palace came to be, first as a circle in 1926 and then a bowl, when the high banks were fully realized in 1934.  From that point on, Belleville became the fastest half-mile dirt track in the world.  Much of the story is told by the Hall of Fame team of L.A. and Beryl Ward.  The Ward’s race reports put you in Belleville on each race day for 60 years, from 1938, when Everett Saylor battled Jimmy Wilburn in one of the greatest dirt track duels ever witnessed, through 1997, when Beryl retired following Jason Leffler’s defeat of Billy Boat and Tony Stewart to win the Belleville Midget Nationals. 

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