Trading Insults



“TRADING INSULTS” - The Winfield powered sprint car has just lost it’s oil pressure. As the driver of the Offenhauser equipped flathead powered push tractor passes by he can’t resist shouting out; “Looks like you boys might need to borrow the tractor for qualifying!” To which the driver of the Gilmore Special responds; “Why don’t you boys take that overpowered manure spreader back to the corn field where it belongs!?” The track is historic Belleville, Kansas. The artist shot over 200 frames while at a reunion of vintage open wheel racers at Belleville, combining favorite elements from numerous photos for the background. The tractor and it’s owner were photographed a year later at an antique tractor event in Colorado. There is a ton of detail and each car in the background is a “mini” painting all on it’s own. Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print from an edition of 950, 15.25" x 24"

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1638-EA $150.00

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