The Last Cowboy: The Life and Times of Billy Pauch



By Buffy Swanson with foreword by Ray Evernham.
As calculating as a rattlesnake, Billy the Kid rarely lets down the road. And while he never really learned how to sugar up to a potential sponsor, he sure could sweet-talk to a racecar. To date, Pauch has corralled an incredible 743 wins, at 33 speedways dotting seven states. He's won in Modifieds, Sprints, winged, wingless, on dirt and asphalt- you name it. And he did it this way. Racing where and when he pleased. Answering to no one. Taking down victories with desperate bravado and deadly aim. This is the Billy Pauch you never met...the highs and the lows, the attitude, the anger, the injuries. Why he's so successful and why he refused to conform. How he did it, why he did it, and who he really is. This is the last cowboy. 

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