To Indy and Beyond: Jack Zink



Jack Zink is a legend on the world of car racing. As a driver for more than twenty years, he won stock car races on dirt tracks, accumlated trophies in off-road dune buggies, and even set a flying mile speed record in a 1957 Pontiac he designed and built for the early NASCAR circuit. Twice, his team won the coveted Borg Warner Trophy, in back-to-back Indy victories (1955 and 1956). This biography weaves all of these stories into a portrait of Jack Zink. Along the way are the friends and family members who were part of the adventure, as well as challenges and opportunities that drove him forward. Here is the story of one amazing man who lived by a simple code:"The man who wins is the man who tries." Hard Cover, 206 pages.

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