Modified Stock Car Racing of the 60's & 70's



By Steve Kennedy. Soft cover, 127 pgs, b & w photos. The 1960's & 1970's were an exciting period in the development of modified stock car racing. The era actually began in the early 1950's when fresh back from WW II, veterans and other men were looking for something exciting to do. What the crowds wanted to see were the stock cars. Early stock cars were crude and the races were run in slam-bang style. 1930's era coupes were plentiful in local junkyards and filled the local speedways with their gaudy paint jobs and crude modifications. Many speedways were built during the post war era with pavement tracks tending to crop up in the more urbanized areas of the Northeast and dirt tracks being more popular in the rural areas. A number of the dirt ovals were former horse racing tracks. Before long, the junkyard coupes began to develop into the beautiful calssic racing machines that constitute "the golden era" of modified stock car racing of the 1960's and 1970's.

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