Indy Racing Cars of Frank Kurtis



by Gordon Eliot White, Frank Kurtis, 1941-1963 Photo Archive. Soft cover, 118 pages, 134 pictures. This is the devinitive book on Kurtis championship cars, showcasing all 110 full-size "champ" cars that Frank Kurtis built between 1941 and 1963. Most of these cars were built specifically to race at Indianapolis. In fact, Kurtis' cars won the Indianapolis 500 five years out of six (1950 -1955) and dominated the starting field from 1950 through 1958. Kurtis also pioneered the "roadster" design, the last front-engine cars before the 1965 rear-engined revolution. Includes ALL Kurtis "Champ" cars, Field Photos, Engineering Drawings, Crash Photos, and Appendix of Serial Numbers

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