Distant Thunder - When Midgets Were Mighty Book



Hard cover book, 395 pages, 386 names in subject index. "When Midgets Were Mighty," is exactly that, an excellent, valuable and delightful review of Midget racing history. This book traces the midget history from 1914-1950. Includes living history from many of the early midget stars. Over 1000 photographs, eight original color paintings that capture this wonderful era of midget racing. Includes every AAA and URA race, date, winner, car owner, race track and car number from 1945 through 1950 on the west coast. Also includes payoff's promoters, racetracks, etc. This book is about Vukovich, Ruttman, Ward, Faulkner, Hanks, Bryan, Parsons, McGrath, Stevenson, Ayulo, Banks, Nalon, McDowell, Swanson and many more that graduated to the Indianapolis 500. Included is a chapter by Danny Oakes that covers his career 1933-1975. Plus a chapter on the builders and speed equipment. Written by: Dick Wallen. 

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