Auto Racing in Charlotte & Carolina Piedmont



by Marc P. Singer and Ryan L. Sumner, soft cover. 127 pages, 199 pictures. The book explores the story behind the various forms of the sport, the kinds of people who have raced, and the reasons why they have done so. An insightful collection of auto racing photographs, from early days to present. Photo names include Tommy Milton, Harry Hartz, Earl Cooper, Buddy Shuman, Tim Flock, Buck Baker, Fonty Flock, Marvin Panch, Ned Jarrett, Richard Petty, Marty Robbins, Ricky Rudd, Louise Smith, Sara Christian, Ethel Flock Mobley, Janet Guthrie, Lillian Vandiver, Sylvia Thompson, Kelly Drinkard, Lori Johns, Shawna Robinson, Leilani Munter, Charles Carpenter, Gerry Thalacker, Gaylon Moser

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