From The Beginning



The beginning history of the former Silver Spring Speedway is the forgotten part of the famed racetrack. Now that early history comes to life in the book entitled "From the Beginning." From the Beginning covers Silver Spring Speedway history from the planning and building stages in 1953, through 1964. This is about Ray Garver Sr and Donald Moyer constructing the new track. Was the new track supposed to be a half-mile in length? This book covers that topic.Many stars of later years developed their skills during the early Silver Spring Speedway days. This is about the Tilley boys-Ron and Ray, Bob Gerhart, Deacon Gerhart, Ken Hurley, Lynn Weibley, Ken Fortna, Jim Sheaffer, Merle "Hoppy" Fissel, Fred Putney, Lynn Paxton, Mitch Smith and so many, many more. Three drivers from this era, Mitch Smith, Lynn Paxton and Ray Tilley are now enshrined in the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame. The book contains 271 photographs with 140 pages.

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